One of the songs from the first set of our MAD DOGS & MAINERS tribute show to Joe Cocker. Featuring some of the finest musicians we know, we were able to bring one of the great rock shows of all time to Portland, Maine.

“The Weight” was written and recorded by The Band and was released on the album “Music From Big Pink” in 1968. It was part of the touring set for Joe Cocker during the Mad Dogs tour – although it wasn’t included on the original double LP, it is included in the extended version now available.

MUSICIANS… Todd Regoulinsky (lead vocals) Peter Dugas (piano & organ) Jeff Foss & Dave Maclean (guitar) John Berce (bass) Marc Perez & Chris Dealaman (drums) Gina Alibrio, Ashley Ellis, & Susanne Gerry (Space Choir) Timothy Goad (vocals)

Recorded April 14, 2018 at Portland House Of Music & Events in Portland, ME using an iPhone 7 mounted to the sound booth (which explains the camera shake whenever the subwoofers hit). Minimal processing and editing postproduction.

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