Just to be clear… we kinda started playing this one as a goof. Then, it sounded good enough that we kept playing it. Now, it’s something that you’ll get to hear from time to time when you come to see us as our own tip of the hat to one of the greatest musicians and songwriters you’ll find in the last fifty years, Prince.

“Purple Rain” is of course the title track from Prince’s 1984 album and also the name of his semi-autobiographical movie that was released the same year. This was Prince’s second album with his backing band, The Revolution, and was the third single from the album – peaking at number two on the US Billboard charts. It also happens to be the heart of one of the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows ever, with Prince belting this one out in a Miami rainstorm in 2007.

Playing in front of thousands of people in a stadium, millions on TV, through a sound system that was set up in about 10 seconds with a live guitar with about a million things that could go wrong… and the man asked “Can you make it rain harder?” That’s some bad-ass expert level stuff there folks.