It might’ve been a hot minute since we’ve posted something for Music Monday, but let’s say we change that, shall we? This is one of our favorite BB King tunes from his 1978 Midnight Believer album, which also features another one of our faves to play, “Never Make Your Move Too Soon”.

Part of what makes this a greta tune for us is that it shows that the blues can be hopeful. After all, this song isn’t just about that special someone heading off with a new person. It’s letting them know that the love is real and that when they come back to their senses, they’ll know where they should be. Call it perspective that comes with age, call it a streak of foolishness, but that’s something that makes sense to us.

Doesn’t hurt that this was recorded at a great place to play – Blue in Portland, Maine. We stumbled into being part of the most diverse lineup of music that could be found in the city that night and perhaps in a long while. Due to a cancellation, we were slotted to open the evening and were then immediately followed by Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble who were followed by The Evan King Group playing soul, R&B, and jazz. Needless to say, it was a fun night.

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