The 2018 Maine Blues Festival is nearly upon us folks, so you best get your tickets pronto! There’s a bunch of bands playing tonight with no cover, but tomorrow, you’ll need a wristband to get into all the venues, including the one we’re playing at. Catch us Saturday at The Freedom Cafe & Pub from 6:30 to 8:00 pm and help us bring some funky blues to the fest. In the meantime, here’s some of what we’ve been listening to this week…

1) “The Worst” by Fantastic Negrito

Man, if you aren’t hip to Fantastic Negrito yet, you best be getting to it right about now. This Oakland cat blends blues, funk, folk, and about ten other things right from the gut into a beautiful sound that’ll keep your brain and booty moving.

2) “Ain’t Nobody Home” by BB King & D’Angelo

Nice n’ greasy is a good thing when it comes to blues. BB dropped some Brown Sugar on this one with D’Angelo from Deuces Wild.

3) “Stormy Monday” by Cream

Man, the combination here is simply amazing. Clapton right out front, Ginger’s drumming, and Jack Bruce. I mean, c’mon now…

4) “Plastic Hamburgers” by Fantastic Negrito

You didn’t think we could just let it slide with just one from this guy, did you? This is the lead song from his new album called Please Don’t Be Dead. Damn…

5) “New Bad Habit” by Tumbledown Saints

Yeah, we just couldn’t resist tossing in one of our favorite originals too. Come down to Naples tomorrow night to catch this one… ya dig?

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