Well, we got one air conditioner in just in time for the re-beginning of Fall. So be it. There’s still been a bunch of good stuff on our playlists, so we’ve been keeping warm with that. Here’s a sample of what we’ve been listening to…

1) “Eat That Chicken” by King James & The Special Men

This one crept up on our suggested links and boy howdy are we glad that it did! This is some good stuff right here folks, and you’ll want to check out some more from these guys along with seeing when they might be creeping around your particular neck of the woods.

2) “Here And Now” by Devon Gilfillian

Maybe we’re a little late to the party on this young man, but dang… If you love yourself some soul with your blues, then this is a pretty good spot to camp out for a spell and be amazed. Oh, and you catch him right here in Maine on July in Freeport.

3) “Pretending” by Eric Clapton

This is a personal favorite of Todd’s from an album that he dang near wore out on his turntable back in high school, Journeyman. Still sounds good 20 some odd years later…

4) “Soon As I Get Paid” by Keb’ Mo’

Man… someday when we grow up, we hope that we’re as cool as Keb’ Mo’. It probably won’t happen (growing up that is), but we can still dream, can’t we?

5) “Same Old Story Same Old Song” by BB King

We love it when BB gets kinda funky…

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